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Bigfoot's Truck and Pump

BIGFOOT SHOTCRETE and Concrete Pumping inc.


Serving San Diego County

Founded in 2023 by Kris Obert, a certified shotcrete nozzleman with over 18 years of experience.

What can Bigfoot can do for you?


concrete pump b50hps

I chose this machine for its capabilities. I have worked with a lot of different pumps in my career and this pump is the best for shotcrete by far.

Reed B50hps

POWERFUL Pumps with extremely large capacity main hydraulic pumps and diesel engines. REED's Cummins Diesel Engines offer the highest amount of displacement in their class (4.5 Liters). This means REED B Series Pumps offer more torque, run at lower RPM's (1750), and are quieter, longer lasting, and consume less fuel (B20 model equipped with an 82hp Perkins) REED pumps use the largest capacity main hydraulic pumps in their class, so they can handle even toughest mixes and longest pushes with ease. B Series frames, axles, and pumping flatpacks are HEAVILY reinforced, so they are solid even when pushing hard. A variety of output and pressure ranges makes B Series the top performers for a wide variety of applications


Kris shooting

ACI Certified Shotcrete nozzleman with over 18 years experience.

Shotcrete Nozzleman
An ACI-certified Shotcrete Nozzleman (Wet-Mix Process) is an individual who has demonstrated knowledge of the wet-mix shotcrete process (via written examination) and the ability to properly place wet-mix shotcrete (via performance examination shooting a limited-size test panel). The Shotcrete Nozzleman (Wet-Mix Process) also possesses substantially more shotcrete work experience in actual wet-mix shotcrete field applications than a Shotcrete-Nozzleman-in-Training (Wet-Mix Process).  Verify me here.


If you need a new backyard patio slab, retaining wall, pool or spa Bigfoot can pump your concrete.

Why Bigfoot?

* I have nozzled on many shotcrete jobs ranging from drainage ditches, structural walls, pools, spas, ponds, parking structures, and even some jobs I am not at liberty to discuss.

*I work well under pressure, in this line of work time is of the essence and can make or break a job.

*I am detail oriented and always start with a plan and a goal to complete the job safe and efficiently.

*I'm a firm believer that time is money and "on time" is late.

*I take pride in what I do.

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What is Shotcrete?


Definition: concrete placed by a high velocity pneumatic projection from a nozzle.- ACI Concrete Terminology

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